Reishi Mushrooms have Amazing Health Effects

Reishi mushrooms are a tradition that dates back more than 4000 years. It was considered a superior herb for improving health, resistance and energy. Reishi was called the ganoderma lucidum in Asian rulings. You can get the best guide on soulcybin scam.

Chinese considered them the elixir to all of life. Reishi mushroom was considered to be the food Gods by Romans. Reishi mushroom’s benefits have been documented since at least 206 B.C. Reishi mushroom was believed to be associated with good luck, health, and long life. Reishi was a popular mushroom in Chinese cultures, and is often mentioned in folk tales. Although mushrooms have been recognized by many Asian civilizations for their health inducing properties, Western civilization is still unaware of them.

The therapeutic potential of the Reishi mushroom was only discovered by scientists in the 1970’s. It was difficult to test the properties of reishi before scientists at Kyoto University established controlled cultivation. It was interesting to discover that all six colours of Reishi are one species.

It turned out that the six different colours can all be grown using one genetic material. Reishi mushrooms have bio-active, immuno-tumoural and immune-system stimulating abilities. They also possess anti-allergic (anticancer) and antiviral qualities. Reishi mushrooms can be used as an adaptogenic agent to resolve many illnesses. They affect a range of organ systems.