Prepare Your Hardwood Floor Installation

You can install hardwood floors at home or for a customer visit website. You should be aware that a level floor is essential to ensuring the flooring will last a lifetime. It is important to prepare the subfloor.Subfloors are the foundation of any installation, especially hardwood. You can only determine how to level the subfloor and what amount of material is needed by studying it carefully.

Customers always plan their budget in advance, as hardwood flooring installation can be expensive. Customers are not just interested in the price of the material but also the installation cost. The clients do not want to be “surprised” by the fact that they have to spend money on leveling. Homeowners save money on the installation stage by spending more.

You must first convince your customer to take out the old floor coverings. You can use carpet, vinyl or cork. It could also be old hardwood flooring, tile or linoleum. You should convince your client to take out the existing flooring in the area where you plan to install hardwood. This is the only way to identify and correct all subfloor defects.Some clients will request that you do not touch their old flooring and simply place the new one on top. If you agree with this arrangement, make sure to measure how the level of the flooring will impact the operation of the doors, the docking of tiles, and the ability of other types of flooring.

Refinish the old wood and tell your customer. The customer will save a lot of money on his upgrade. Remember that honest flooring installers earn more.We’ll go back to what is the most important part of installing: leveling. Always level the house. The house will continue to shrink and move even if the leveling was done previously. The previous leveling may have been incorrect.

Do not pour all the compound at once if you need to level a large hole. Pour in smaller adjustment layers each time, using primer. Wait for the primer to dry before continuing to fill or installing hardwood.Without a primer all your layers won’t be tightly coupled and will soon look like the cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. If you flood the pit in a hurry with the floor leveling compound, it will crumble quickly under the hardwood.Every type of subfloor is different in terms of its materials, conditions and techniques for leveling the floor. Once you have mastered the skills and knowledge, your installations will not only be beautiful but also more durable and reliable.